Hi, nice to meet you! If you clicked on this page, I guess you would want to know a bit more about me, so here we go.

My name is Corinne, I am a painter and photographer, living in Munich with my husband and son.

I was born at the Bavarian countryside and even if I didn’t stay there for very long, I have kept a love of all things natural from these happy memories.

My French first name eventually influenced my destiny greatly, since I graduated at the French Lycée in Munich, spent 13 years in Paris afterwards and am now married to a French husband.

Before settling on painting, I have had a very varied professional life – to be honest, due partly to my curiosity and partly to a number of both failures and setbacks, obliging me to continue my searching.

Starting out taking drama lessons (“don’t call us, we call you”), I then switched to journalism and photography and eventually had a short interlude as an accessories designer. While studying, I even modeled for a while (too tall, too small, too slim, too chubby, too blond, too brunet, too old, too young…on the same day!), thus discovering some of the little secrets behind the fashion scene in Paris.

Left, crying in a Chekhov play. Right, holding my very, very first camera (vintage!!!)

When I returned to Munich, I worked as a photographer at first and have contributed to some magazines and various garden books, such as “Der Garten der Künstlerin”, “Moroccan Gardens” and “Happiness is a garden”. 

Left, in Morocco with my son. Right, with my first Nikon camera, back in the early 90ies...

However, my son’s birth and the organization around kindergarten and school made travelling for business more difficult and I started looking for additional more family-friendly alternatives. Actually, there were two of them: painting (my passion) and the pr business we started running with my husband.

In my paintings, all of my experiences come together. My love of people and portraits, movies and costumes, plants and animals, landscapes but also everyday urban scenes – and this list could go on and on…

My preferred techniques are oils, pastels and watercolor.


  1. Quel beau parcours.... et avec tout cela fidèle à toi même, ce qui n'est pas gagné d'avance...